(Radio Frequency Identification)

Getting the right mix of technology is important.  Using the right technology for the right job enables an organisation to reap the benefits throughout the entire operation from central functions to remote operations.

MSoft 's ability to get the mix right throughout the supply chain means that improvements can be driven throughout all areas of an operation.

  • Sites can make use of RFID scanning capabilities to find out and store information about items including where they are, where they should be and when they were last serviced.
  • Delivery drivers can make use of handheld RFID and barcode scanning to capture accurate live information.

RFID tagging is often mistaken as a more advanced version of a barcode but it is much more than that.  Barcodes can be read by scanners however RFID tags can be WRITTEN to by the right scanner unit allowing meaningful data to be held about the asset WITHIN the tag itself.

MSoft are experts in RFID and can advise organizations on the best use of this exciting technology and even carry out feasibility studies where benefits can be proven.

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