Pharmacy Tracking

MSoft's Pharmacy Tracking solution is modular and allows multiple options to improve the existing processes from prescription to patient tracking of pharmaceuticals throughout a Trust. The solutions covers:


  • Speed up take home prescriptions
  • Reduce wastage


  • MSoft's e-prescription solution is browser and mobile unit based so can be used within the Trust on any PC
  • Enablement of true Ward based issue
  • GP interfacing removing the requirement for manual data entry.


  • EPR interface removing the requirement for manual discharge data entry.
  • All discharge requirements fed automatically into existing systems
  • Auto e-mail of discharge prescription to GP

Stock Management

  • Batch number stock receipting
  • Real time patient location ensuring stock delivered to the right patient at the right location at the right time.
  • Full tracking of all drug
  • Real time view of all stock, including ward stock
  • Tracking of 'Stock in transit'
  • Batch code tracking for recalls and patient tracking
  • Potential interface with robotic stocking systems

Ward Stock Management

  • Real time view of ward cupboard stock
  • Cupboard level stocking thresholds to replenish low stock. Alerts to Pharmacy.
  • Barcode tracking and controls to ensure that usage is tracked to the patient
  • Browser based request facility direct to the Pharmacy

Controlled Drugs

  • Electronic tracking process to support current directives
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Deletion lists fir records that meet cull criteria

Procurement Processes

  • Integrated system to interface with suppliers
  • PASA list automatically monitored for price changes
  • Active Stock management so procurement staff can view all stock in real time
  • Cyclical order routines can be incorporated and automated thereby reducing the overhead of manually running these processes

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