MSoft Wheelchair Services (MWcS )

MWcS is a major advance on the road to a better wheelchair service. It was created in response to intensive research into what users wanted from the perfect wheelchair IT system.

From a users perspective, any system in use needs to be quick and easy to update. MWcS offers direct access by both the Wheelchair Service and the Wheelchair Maintenance Contractor to the relevant service user and wheelchair information, enabling quicker updating and providing the most up-to-date information at all times.

The system must conform to a National Standard Data Set. MWcS complies with the Standard Data Requirements providing a minimum data set for each referred service user.

Users want an easy to use Windows based system. MWcS is a browser-based system developed using the latest technology and standards available so it can be accessed by any standard Windows PC with a W3C compliant browser.

Once again, for ease of use and reporting requirements, a system must allow for 'User Categorisation'. MWcS follows the standard Wheelchair User Categories Guidelines as published in March 2005 in 'HEALTHCARE STANDARDS FOR WHEELCHAIR SERVICES UNDER THE NHS'. It is flexible, allowing further categories to be added and existing categories modified as services evolve and develop.

Seamless links to primary NHS systems and the Wheelchair Maintenance Contractor are an essential for any system in use today. MWcS uses secure internet technology to allow wheelchair service, hospital and Wheelchair Maintenance Contractor to access the system.

Whilst primary wheelchair information is held on a centrally-hosted internet server, secure service user information is held locally and where applicable, within the Wheelchair Maintenance Contractor data. Secure links are used to transfer live information between parties.

Synchronisation* of data is seamless with no need for complicated uploads and downloads of information. When a request is sent to a Wheelchair Maintenance Contractor, their system can immediately receive it and when a Wheelchair Maintenance Contractor actions a request, the referrer can view the actions.

MWcS is developed using the latest technologies and NHS standards, is XML compliant and can therefore integrate into NHS patient record systems and Wheelchair Maintenance Contractor's own internal systems for easier information sharing and avoidance of duplicate data entry all round. This improves accuracy and provides a true audit trail of activities across all parties.

Users requested that their system contain complete wheelchair information. MWcS can hold digital images of each wheelchair available, it is quick and easy to add new photos and the user can create a 'catalogue' of wheelchair products including accessories such as seating options, etc.

It is essential that the system provides improved reporting and service standard monitoring. MWcS provides complete management information against guidelines as published in March 2005 in 'HEALTHCARE STANDARDS FOR WHEELCHAIR SERVICES UNDER THE NHS'.

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